3P- Production, Preparation, Process

This notion of 3P- People, Process, Product is the key to business excellence. The right people, a robust process, and a good product make for a healthy business.

To maintain the performance of the company and take into account the notion of just-in-time, Lean Design created a method of the same name.

The 3P here stands for Production, Preparation, Process. The objective is to avoid stopping production chains by the unplanned arrival of raw materials. Therefore, this approach facilitates the integration of a new product into a production line by designing the product at the same time as its manufacturing process

It is also 3P – People Planet Profit, an expression used to designate the triple bottom line performance of companies; it corresponds to the three pillars of sustainable development: social (people), environmental or ecological (Planet), and economic (Profit).

3P- Principles

Preparation, Process Production is an adaptation corresponding to a three-dimensional model of Total Quality Management (TQM) where on each axis there are parameters to be improved and monitored which are: human resources, products, and processes. The latter being the key to control its production process- avoiding waste of any kind.

This approach will give birth to UX design, promoting co-design as proposed in the principle below:

  • Simultaneous product and manufacturing process development
  • The client establishes the design and quality requirements
  • Quality is present in the process as much as in the product
  • The production system is designed to meet demand, cycle time and cost targets
  • The just-in-time philosophy is the basis of the 3P method

The principles are broken down into 3 distinct phases

  1. Information
  2. Creation
  3. Redefinition: from launch to product life cycle.

These 3 phases, in Lean management, are repeated in order to take into account continuous improvement.

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UX Design, Agile ?

The 3P method was used to define UX strategies by creating a link between analysis and planning as a guide to decision making.

In blue phase 1 Information, it is the challenge + phase 2 creation which takes into account the different elements of the need. In red, phase 3, redefinition of the process by taking into account the constraints and the measure of success.

The UX strategy blueprint is also available in design challenges and design sprints.

The Agillists adopted efficient methods to ensure the success of their product deployment. Just-in-time has become Time-to-market.

UX Design, 3P, UX strategy
The 3P-Production, Preparation, Process method is used to define the UX strategy, or User experiences. Notion found in the 5 keys to marketing.

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