The people I work with in coaching find that working remotely deteriorates their quest for meaning. Attending virtual meetings after virtual meetings, email and chat tasks accumulate without the comfort of the coffee break, together. So breathe! To manage your stress. Make your break times, and take the opportunity to get to know yourself better.

  • Manage your stress!
  • Then breathe
  • Zen Promenade

The figures below, from the first lockdown, indicate an increase in depressive syndrome in France. One year later, the lockdown continues and does not help., impact on mental health, Prevalence of depressive syndromes in France in 2014, 2019 and May 2020, by age group and sex. EHIS-European Health Interview Survey published by Vie Publique

Manage your stress !

Here you are at a turning point in your life, in your career, in your lives. You are in front of everything you have given up, or in front of everything you have obtained. Here you are in front of yourself.

A little lost, a little depressed. The atmosphere outside does not help! We believe in full employment! And you too… yes but… sometimes I overflow, I have sweaty hands, I make crap, I procrastinate, and I don’t want anything.

I am too young, or too old. Too graduated or not enough. Am I afraid I won’t be up to the task? Maybe! The challenges are beyond me, suddenly… and the what will they say if I fail…

Anyway, I stress… So breathe, all it takes is one breath to change everything!

Then breathe,

Manage your stress, by identifying in you, in your body, the knot of your emotions. The tight throat, the lump in the belly, a sudden fatigue are signs that tell you that something is destabilizing you. Put your hand on your body, on the place of your emotion.

and breathe:

  1. inhale through the nose,

2. Exhale through the mouth,

3 times, 

Then look around and move slightly. Make a slight move to change the angle of a face-to-face that has just settled, or choose your place in the room. then look around you, look and smile at each person present. Smile to yourself too.

Breathe to center yourself in yourself, in your heart. Be convinced that you are in your place!

That’s it, focus on the present moment. And advance on what you have to do!

Zen Walk

To coach you, I have created zen walks podcasts, which, every 3 days, offer you an exercise to center you or reconnect with your inner silence. It is a way to cultivate one’s discernment, to meet one’s fears. 5 to 10 minutes each day to meet. Try! Discover the playlist

In balloon ride, I invite you to experience a relaxing breath. Just 5 minutes for a return to oneself!

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