Digital, at a glance!

No digital transformation today without a digital journey

Digital, at a glance aims to list expert blogs that will be a valuable technical complement to our articles on digital transformation, strategic management, or our feedback from coaches.

Digital transformation, from a technical point of view

  • Alliancy is the business and digital magazine. It brings together digital and digital experiences. For each edition, it investigates a major topic of digital transformation. Their particularity, each edition is co-created between journalists and those who are “digital”.

Digital transformation, from a marketing perspective

  • Définitions marketing includes all definitions in the broad sense of marketing and digital marketing. UX, web design, customer journey, AI, e-commerce, SEO, inbound marketing, and many other valuable definitions are grouped together on this site.

Digital transformation, from an Agile point of view

  • State of Agile , only in English, follows the development of agility and deployment in companies since 2006. Each year, it publishes a comprehensive report on the behaviors and the most used tools.
  • MyAgilepartner is the most complete blog in English or French on Agile tools, frameworks, Devops, Lean, etc. You can also prepare for your Scrum Master certification there using the free Agile training program. This agile Scrum program is composed of articles, videos

Digital transformation, from a customer perspective

Well, if the digital transformation has the objective of creating a unique customer experience, the customer is well absent on the web. There is no free blog expressing the customer perspective in the sense of the beneficiary of this digital transformation. The customer perspective is expressed through the applications or platforms purchased or used. But there is nothing about what the Client thinks. Digital transformation is the major issue for CIOs and yet the main player in this experience does not say a word. The customer, of these “customer experience” journeys which are dedicated to him by these digital transformations, total silence on blogs.

Our crush goes to the plateform HelloCustomer   which collects and interprets customer feedback to help any company improve its UX experience, its customer journey.

Digital transformation, from a workspace point of view

By regaining a technical aspect, article proposals are more present on the web. We selected the Silicon blog for this workplace aspect and for its article how to rethink the connected work environment. We have deliberately excluded the recent articles because following the lockdoown # Covid-19, this subject is one of the articles for advertising purposes.

Digital transformation, from an employee point of view, is like digital transformation from a customer point of view, not represented even if the term employee advocacy is legion in a company’s e-reputation.

Digital transformation, from an ethical point of view

  • The blog du modérateur, gives us a critical eye on the responsibilities associated with digital transformation

Digital transformation, from an environmental point of view

Digital transformation, from a human point of view

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