Transformation Leader, Agile & Motivational coach, Energetic healing

In Imago is the fulfillment of 10 years in business transformation support to move ahead of the new digital era and its challenges.

in Imago is your partner for establish
your strategic management, invent a living management.

Become aware and act to “build a new world”. Each individual, each team, each organization returns to performance with respect for everyone.

In Imago is a Learning-by-doing experience

Your benefits

Proven expertise regarding human organizations in large-scale companies that aim employees’ awakening and seek creating a spark which can lead to their transformation.

Our services in summary

Supporting companies in change

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In Imago

-• Ago •-

Federate your team, invite breathing and laughter

In Imago

-• Mago •-

Reveal / Re-engage
& redirect

In Imago

-• RSP •-

Prevention of psychosocial risks

In Imago

-• Intensio •-

Develop the potential of your teame

In Imago

-• Extensio •-

Train your leaders to business transformation Increase your talents loyalty

In Imago – Ago*: Business training

Federate your team, invite breathing and laughter

*Latin origin of the word ag, Agere, Agilis = Act.

Teaching method:

Discovery Workshops: 3h00
Long courses:
3-day modules

Tools :

Emotional intelligence Breathing technique Professional coaching


  • Motivate employees
  • Foster team work
  • Put in place common values
  • Co-build your vision


  • Leaders who want to discover agile methods
  • Managers wishing to know team building techniques
  • Companies wishing to try In Imago approach before subscribing to a pack

In Imago – Mago: Coaching individuel

Reveal / Re-engage & redirect

Teaching method:

4 individual sessions: Energetic boost
6 individual sessions:
Motivation coaching
1 collective workshop:
Discovery «AGO»


Emotional intelligence Breathing technique Creativity Agile Gaming and Lean Start up HR Professional coaching


  • Motivate employees
  • Re-involve in the team
  • To accompany in the transformation / a reconversion


  • A manager wishing to be supported during a change of threshold, an IPO, an assignment…
  • A employee in a changing society
  • An employee (all levels) in loss of motivation

In Imago – RSP®: Prevention of psychosocial risks

Accompany everyone with “respect and health for all”

A living way to meet the legal obligations related to psycho-social risks by using a cross-approach between RSP® and employee engagement.

Teaching method:

1 support: Human resources (HR)
1 support: Coaching & formation
4 sessions: 
Respiration, créativité et nutrition
1 conference: 
1 challenge 
around creativity and nutrition

Outils :

Emotional intelligence Breathing technique Creativity Gaming Nutrition


  • Anticipate the possible consequences of a shock and the associated psycho-social risks
  • Co-write the DUERP (Single Occupational Risk Assessment Document)
  • Engage everyone in the prevention of psycho-social risks
  • Build together the tool for self-assessment of the respect and heath of everyone in the company


  • Human Resources Directors and Managers
  • Employees
  • Business leaders concerned with the well-being of their employee

In Imago – Intensio: Team coaching

Develop the potential of your team

Méthode pédagogique :

3 days: Team audit
3 days: 
Discover Agile principles
21 days: 
Implementing tools
2 days: 
Contextual projection
3 months: 


Scrum first step (discovery) Agile method Tracking table Obeya-project

If you need additional tools or a customized offer contact us…


  • Increase the potential
  • Boost team synergy
  • Increase the agility
  • Increase loyalty


  • A company which aims at experiencing a new business approach adapted to current issues
  • A team which has not displayed its full potential yet, which is struggling to work together

In Imago – Extensio: Scale Transformation

Train your leaders to business transformation Increase your talents loyalty

Teaching method:

3 days: co-creation of your transformation program
12 hours:
 individual coaching
8 days: 
training managers to coach teams
63 days: 
implementation of the transformation
9 days: 
training/coaching on demand according to co-created program
3 months: 
hotline support
at least 1 team involved in the Intensio program or Agile program internal


SHU HA RI GAME® SAFe DevOps Lean Spotify

…choosing the right tools to your context


  • To bring out an adapted leadership
  • Manage by example
  • Drive an agile and sustainable transformation
  • Start a continuous education program


  • Managers who want to transform their organizations and support change in an efficient way
  • HR in charge of talent management and potentials Highs
  • CIOs who want to be supported in the digital transformation of the company

Working with Dominique has allowed us to revitalize our sales platform by delivering a new work ecosystem. We reviewed our method to start implementing Agile principles. Dominique introduced us to working well together. Discuss a project and produce results thanks to human interactions. Create a link to deploy and perpetuate the success story of the company!

Damien Chevrier CIO adjoint / deputy CIO

Generate a continuous learning environment as a guarantee of efficiency.

Convergence and autonomy are the results of experiments where everyone can express their creativity and authenticity


Accompany your teams:
Deliver a business value with high added value
Develop a pleasant work place
While fostering innovation and team spirit


A proven expertise in digital transformation and change management to transform the organization to the best of its challenges while developing your internal potentials.


Mutual and sustainable enrichment, experimental organizations, diversified teams, creativity, confrontation, experimentation, iteration, autonomy, universalism.

In Motion

Our team is a social hub who fits your needs

Choosing us is an invitation of maturity to grow and establish your signature in a moving world…

Our team brings together freelancers and our partner companies to offer you a pool of days with always the right person at the right time. It is a guarantee of an offer adapted to your context with people who know how to work together.


Eglantine Bonnetto

  • Professional Coach
  • Trainer

Joelle Boa

  • Cultural transformation
  • Trainer

Dominique Popiolek-Ollé

  • Leader Transformation
  • Agile Coach & Motivational
  • Energetic Healing

Corinne Saudreau

  • Infirmière nutritionniste
  • Formatrice au Plan Nutrition Positive


  • Facilitator / Agile Coach Professional
  • infinity’s adaptative method – co-creator

Véronique Vlaeminck

  • DRH externalisée
  • Psychologue du travail
  • Praticienne MBTI certifiée

Partner companies

  • Kap IT – iObeyaSupplier of the iObeya virtual office tools
  • weloveagilityThe Rafik MEKKI blog : “it’s another way to do things, it’s a new movement”
  • Agence RJSThe Agility of Digital Innovation. Through its digital hub it develops and creates dynamic, interactive and secure web solutions, whatever your target and your communication challenges.
  • EzeeworldA new customer journey A technological agency expert in online and offline connected commerce.
  • L’atelierA studio dedicated to the Code and the Product. This company aims to promote the emergence of the best ideas by co-creating with our customers. We promote the quality of the code and the product approach.

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