In imago coaching, its story

In Imago Coaching was born in 2017 following the request of one of my former bosses to support a subsidiary and thus avoid the brain drain inherent in that of the sales-acquisitions periods which have been frequent for several decades.

In Imago coaching is also the crazy idea that my clients could collaborate together as in a company without borders, through a white label where talents could work in ephemeral mode on projects outside their context and promote innovation and creativity outside of any sclerosing process.

Why Imago?

  • First of all, a personal journey that began during my Executive Master in 2004 in which I put forward that there was no possible transformation without a change in the posture of the one who leads the change.
  • A professional development in project management, change management, support in Lean Management, Agile and organizational transformation, then in digital transformation.
  • In the book, the flight of the Imago by Norbert Terrettaz . The author presents an unprecedented concept of the relationship to oneself and to others, in a context where information becomes omnipresent, and goes around the planet in a very short time, … where scientists roam the borders of the world. universe … the art of communicating between us still remains an enigma
  • A metaphor, that of the transformation of the larva into a butterfly. Becoming a butterfly requires getting out of your cocoon, your comfort zone to express what you are, sometimes in the face of adversity.

Imago in In Imago blog

Through his blog, in Imago shares with you his coach’s eye on digital transformation, corporate culture and strategic management while respecting Agile values.

We seek to provide you with articles based on the recurring topics discussed during our experience of coaching and supporting companies in their Agile and digital transformations.

The articles represent our reading of our world and offer you a forward-looking vision of what could be a corporate culture, strategic management, values ​​in a digital environment.

The reading of this transformation, of this In Imago journey comes under 3 focuses

  •  Mago : development of your personal wizard
  •  Intensio : team development
  • Extensio : development of managers, organization, culture

The expression of the Imago transformation  in the context of wine, for example, wine is the transformation which from the hands of the winegrower to the marketing hands is transformed from the wine stage to that of a local product.

Imago in the offer In Imago

In Imago coaching is a laboratory of experiences applied to itself where the concepts of innovative companies are tested, in terms of the evolution of major trends in management, the business world, in a world where digital is essential.

In Imago coaching is a course for learning by experimenting that adapts to your context so that in your hands, that of your teams and your strategic management, action is born to shape the changes in your corporate culture, your DNA, your corporate essence.

In Imago coaching is an adaptive approach featuring game coaching, blended learning and all the agile values ​​to transform you smoothly.

In Imago support is based on a methodology proven by 9 years of support for the digital and digital transformation of large companies.

How is the Imago expressed in our services?

In Imago is a process of complete change and transformation at the individual, team and organizational level that allows decision-makers to enter a secondary Imago, that of the transformation of organizations in their organic structure.

In Imago is also the idea incubator which brings together motivated individuals outside the company around a common sense, to reveal the full potential of an idea and individuals.

Despite the innovation laboratories, incubators or other digital Labs made available to me, the companies that I worked with, always opposed a limit: organizational, budgetary, contextual …

Yet Being yourself, creativity, experimentation, production offer endless opportunities.

These opportunities, if they are transformed into collective opportunities, form powerful egregores and promote the outcome of collective experiences.

In Imago support and coaching helps generate organic, adapted and fruitful rebounds … In Imago is an asset for pushing back borders by simplifying organizations, flushing out silos and barriers to the achievement of its corporate DNA .

In Imago is recognized by its coaches for the quality of the relationship, its disruptive approach to support.

In Imago uses the art of questioning and a set of specific tools to promote action, while respecting the context in which coaching takes place.

In Imago promotes Agile values.

In imago offers you a contractual framework and offers you defined day packages to support all of your projects, with respect for everyone and performance.

In Imago it is also the search for partners which is carried out and support our clients in their search for balance

In Imago brings together in its hub independent pioneers of digital transformation, curious about new technologies, IoT, and human resources accustomed with several missions to working in harmony and cooperation to support decision-makers in a smooth transition.