What is autocratic management?

What is autocratic management?

Autocratic management is probably named after Robert Blake and Jane Mouton, who in 1955 created a managerial grid to determine the characteristics of successful leaders.

Were they the precursors of consulting firms, management consulting, strategic management. In any case, their managerial grid places the authority-employees relationship on a scale of 1 to 9, and presents 5 management styles

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Without hesitation, autocratic management is associated with Frederick W. Taylor who based his management efforts on the effectiveness of the results produced by the tools of production. Men must conform to it, adapt to it!

Behind this management, are associated the dominant characteristics of this type of leadership: authority, the power of rapid decision-making and without dispute. The orders are given, the others carry out.

This type of management is now questionned for the absolute authority side, imposed on others.

However, he is also often the bearer of strategy, in the strategic sense of the term.

Command or Management?

Management, to manage- get by. It is the result that is highlighted, the success.

In Latin, Caput, the term Commander, command means the Head in the sense of prescribing, imposing, directing. It is the initiative that is put forward, the course to follow.

And it is this course that we are looking for. This meaning that has disappeared from companies. The flat, opal, holacratic, sociocratic organizations do not claim the role of management but that of leader. Leadership, the one that gives meaning, that mobilizes as some Commanders, Army captains …

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