Managers: coach with your emotions

Emotions : get moving !

The term emotion means to set in motion, to rise up, and finds its origin in revolts. Much later, this word will be used to characterize our mood movements and decline in 6 primary emotions

Primary emotions

  1. Joy
  2. Sadness
  3. Fear
  4. Disgust
  5. Anger
  6. Surprise

But, well beyond this classification, emotions are a harmonization with our context, a setting in motion. Emotions are our compass !

In business, empathetic managers encourage and set their teams in motion! Emotional Intelligence is one of their natural attributes. Attributes that we are all custodians of and it is up to us to make good use of them.

Daniel Goleman, in his book “Emotional Intelligence” shows how the analysis of his emotions is an indicator of performance by influencing our behavior, our reactions and our capacities of adaptation. For the author, emotional intelligence is the best predictor of success and achievement.

Why integrate and promote emotional intelligence in a team?

Feedback : the 5 why?

I have regularly used the grid opposite to get people to cut out the sources of a problem. When I presented the grid, I would ask in small groups to choose a topic that was of concern to them.

One of the first areas of concern for the teams were too many emails, and the fear of missing important information …

In particular, the e-mails from the works council emerged as being too numerous and a source of many debates at the coffee machine, and of time wasted when the long-awaited promotion had been missed by this too much e-mail. The emotional impact being so strong that it had a punctual impact on the business ….

Commitment is therefore a primary motivating factor in companies. It is becoming more and more so with the challenge of remote work to be met. Understanding the differences in individual motivations can help managers and employees keep each other engaged, excited and focused when working from home.

How can emotional intelligence help you meet this challenge?

A leader aware of his team’s motivating factors will be able to efficiently offer his support to his collaborators remotely, and find the best way to support them.

Manager, try the TEIQue

The TEIQue synthesizes the work of Daniel Goleman by offering a simple reading grid of individual emotional traits.

The question sheet TEIQ (Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire) measures how well a person understands and manages their own emotions, as well as how they understand and manage the emotions of others (Petrides, 2009). There are no good or bad scores with the TEIQ, high and low scores on traits have both positive and negative aspects.

The TEIQue, test your emotions

The TEIQUe brings to emotional intelligence what the APP (Personal profile analysis) brings to the study of our behavior (DISC).

The TEIQue test (Trait emotionnal intelligence questionnaire) allows the manager to understand himself and to equip himself with a powerful analysis tool for:

  1. Understand the emotions of your employees
  2. Recruit candidates with good communication skills
  3. Improve the skills of your employees in terms of management
  4. Improve the skills of your collaborators
  5. Understand how an employee manages their relationships
  6. Foster engagement and retention across your business
  7. Recruit candidates with a good level of emotional intelligence

Autodetermination ! Choose between bouncing and pouncing

Self-determination is the path to self-reliance. It is our ability to act. It starts with individual care. It is the decision to face our emotions and develop our full potential.

Observe a ball: Let the bounce go … and watch. The rebound cannot be controlled, it chooses its trajectory and falls …

Where you have the possibility to act, it is by individually deciding to leap, jump, go to meet … the ball to induce its movement. Motivation finds its source in the action of going towards … This choice is offered to you in every minute, every present moment.

Motivation is for each of us an opportunity to be present in ourselves. Take the present moment as an opportunity to leap forward, to enter into your projects with full awareness. In short, take control of yourself and take one step at a time. Be an actor, self-determined!

Understanding your motivational factors is therefore a key to getting into action. It’s your turn!

Make a TEIQue test, brings you in-depth knowledge of your motivational factors and to understand those of your teams

Autodetermination, find out more

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