Agile resources for training.

Being Agile can be learned! Agile is above all a dose of curiosity and free access to a set of quality materials to understand the Manifesto and all the values ​​and principles that make it successful. These agile resources identify the key links that will serve as the basis for your Agile training.

Lean startup : Agile resource # 1

The term comes from the book by Eric Ries published in 2012, the objective of which is to lay the groundwork for building innovative start-up models by ensuring that the products offered are adapted to the market, so as to limit waste of time and money.

The Lean startup has become a key Agile resource by gradually shifting the approach proposed by the Manifesto to the business lines. It proposes to see a product as a set of verifiable hypotheses that can be validated iteratively.

The lean start-up popularized terms like “pivot” or “MVP” – minimum valuable product.

Find our feedback on the lean startup and the reference links to document you at the source:

Agile Resource Agile :Lean Startup

Scrum– Agile ressource #2

Agile product management (video) 

Kanban– Agile resource #3

SAFe– Agile resource #4

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