Boost your energy #1 Breathe

Are you more of a …?

Are you more of the type to have tea or coffee, to eat or to procrastinate when you need to increase your performance at work? Do you ever lack the energy or the drive to do something?

Have tea or coffee

Choice 1- Tea or coffee


Choice 2- Eat


Procrastination, boost naturel
Choice 3- Procrastinate

Well for me I do all 3. It will depend on how frustrated I am.

  1. Coffee or tea is my first tip to give myself a moment of pleasure before I start. And sometimes that is enough.
  2. Eating means procrastination is not far away. In my article, Procrastination, a boost like no other, I explain how eating gives me a form of courage to compensate for my fear of not getting there and to do a routine task.
  3. Procrastinate, to give me a moment of reflection to analyze, outline and map the necessary elements. If I consciously procrastinate, the action is not far away!

What is energy ?

Energy is simply what sets me in motion. This is what allows me to do countless things at the same time without even paying attention.

The survival of the human body is due to the circulation of an energetic flow called life energy. This energy maintains the physical body in perfect health – a normal human condition – and guarantees well-being and joy in life. Indeed, life would be impossible without this superiorly intelligent inner energy which succeeds, by carrying out an innumerable number of completely imperceptible simultaneous operations, in making function an organism as complex as that of a human being.

Every human being is born with a potential for life energy which is unique to him and which varies throughout his existence according to his lifestyle on the physical and emotional levels. Thus a lack of vital energy leads to bodily failures.

So it’s naïve to think that a simple coffee will boost my action, isn’t it?

It is the search for pleasure, for meaning in what I undertake that will fuel my energy. Pleasure allows me to channel my emotions, to gain self-confidence, to set myself in motion.

Sometimes I want to get up and go make myself some cup of tea or coffee. I realized that it was ultimately naïve to believe that those few sips of coffee were going to boost me. I learned that it is important to take care of your mind. I know it’s important to take care of it. But ultimately what am I really doing? Big difference between knowing and doing!

There is also a natural thing that allows me to simply Be. It is to breathe.

The natural breathing that fuels my body, mind, and movement. Act, reflex, that I hold back sometimes, often .. in the effort or in the emotion.


My body is tense … My neck seems numb, my shoulders are tight, raised, my chin sinks into my neck. If I realize it, I can act on my state of tension and relax my shoulders. I relax my jaw and my breathing becomes more fluid.

By acting on my breathing, I face my lack of energy. In consciousness, I increase my breathing and I feel it throughout my body. My heart is racing. My body is awakening … and I understand what I lack to move forward.

I face and I treat … I manage …

Manage my stress

I manage my stress and regain my energy.

A stressed person has high breathing, because the diaphragm is blocked, tense. It no longer plays its function: to bring air into the lungs. Yep, it’s mechanical!

When our energy starts to leave us, it causes a sense of urgency. Then comes the feeling of incompetence, then finally the feeling of worthlessness. These three effects, these three feelings, must alert me to my loss of energy.

What about my energy thieves in a day? Did I identify them? Which ones are my responsibility and on which I can act? Those who are in my area of ​​power and influence.

In the end, it also comes down to taking a break on yourself: treat yourself …

Treat yourself with a Zen Walk!

Modèle IRTER

It is a well-known movement in sophrology, which in a few seconds, allows you to cut off stress.

IRTER is :

-Inspiration : through the nose

-Retention : full lungs, we hold our breath

-Tension : contraction of all muscles, from head to toe

-Expiration : by mouth and strongly to drive away accumulated tensions and negative thoughts

-Release: of all the muscles, by becoming aware of the well-being felt and the calm that this induces


  1. You are seated. On an inhale, bring your hands behind the back of your neck.
  2. By retaining the air, stretch your whole body: bust and head back, legs forward. Visualize yourself that way. On the exhale, return to your initial sitting position.
  3.   Take a break for a few moments without ceasing to perceive yourself.
  4.  Repeat the exercise again. And do it all 3 times.
  5.  Take a break to feel the sensations that have activated and appreciate your body both outside and inside.


Zen Promenade is a set of videos through which we help you find your zen leadership.

Example of exercises that you will find in Zen promenade

Breathe, balloon ride

To go further

Mago is Being. Mago is to highlight your personal magician. Mago is a state of Being. It is Being oneself, quite simply.

It is to overcome your fears, to focus, to put forward your personal essence. To be quite simply is the flight of the Imago.

Exemple, Mago#1