Creativity, Spontaneous writing

First, before going into the heart of the subject “on the collective aura“, I will tell you the birth of the first lines of this article and my writing process.

Since the summer of 2018, I have been in the habit of questioning my left hand (I am right-handed). It’s like a meditation. I land in myself and center on my left hand.

Then with this same hand, I note the words and the images until the appearance of a central idea.

I then take the right hand to follow the flow of ideas with a more comfortable speed.

This morning, my title in mind, I follow this process of “dialogue with the left hand”, process of concentration. The words in image arrive.Heart, silence, undergrowth, shadow, play of light, enlightened tree succeed one another. Not seeing how these mental images were useful for my “collective aura” topic, I decided to go out and watch how the sun illuminates the trees.

First, one is more enlightened than all. It is a GINCKO whose reputation of resistance and strength are associated with it.

The play of light first of all refers to the illuminated tree. I then directs my gaze and walks the undergrowth 180 °. I realize that if this gincko is fully lit, the other trees also are in a different way. They receive light at an angle from the center of the trunk to the top. And here the metaphor is built with the return to my subject of the day.