Do not get coached, your organization is just perfect! by Dominique Popiolek-Ollé


Senèque, leadership

As a company coach, I accompany large groups in their Agile transformation, digital or simply to have another look at their production … The coach is chosen with meticulousness, and yet the customer’s desire is strong , too strong to let him get started …

Injunctions like Help me but if I had personally the choice I will do … or it’s been 30 years since we made cars, planes or products …, I really do not see how we could to do better … Agile, Agile yes but our process is robust what is it used for … He is an expert, he knows his job very well and the quality he expects so it’s normal that he refuses three times the supplier’s suggestions for improvements … it always worked, so why take a risk in doing things differently.

1.      Your organization is just perfect !

Your professional life is wonderful, your relationship with the transversal teams is good and everyone executes what you say exactly as you say. You know your job and that of others on the fingertips, or the competition not even afraid we are the best if we do not know? Meetings are all effective and each idea makes sense and provides the organization with an ongoing spirit of adaptation to change. You are recognized by your peers.

Obviously, you know yourself, you understand others, your emotional intelligence is at the top … and you have understood everything in life! Indeed, you probably do not need a coach. Perhaps you are a coach yourself, by the way (and you know the importance of being supervised)?

2.      You do not want to change

It’s not that your organization is on top, but you do not want to change. After all, “we know exactly what the process produces, and I know every step of the process, I can even bet on what will block.” Anticipate, change but will it be so good?

But is that really what you think deep inside? By the way, do you really like yourself in your role on the team?

Is not this sentence an easy way to avoid doubt, fear, to avoid looking in the face?

And if accept to change, and leave his comfort zone, it was also the way to make beautiful discoveries about oneself, others, life and review all those micro-pains that make life in the office infernal?

And if deciding to make the effort to change, it was to discover new strengths that we did not suspect, and become stronger by bringing out its full potential? and if being a leader of his opinions and his forces allowed to emerge a more efficient organization?

3.      You are convinced that you are a pawn anyway and that you are there to execute / undergo the decisions of others

We hired you for that and that’s it. We cannot do anything about it “? Ah yes ? Really ? And then what’s the point if I change my way of working and I’ll talk with the rest of the team, the conclusion will be: okay, send me an email?

Then all this time lost to align the team to describe our desires, the ideal service, the common product is useless since I do not have the description of my role. Oh, could I be an actor and re-write my role on the team? A yes, but then I will be responsible for my commitments … and what if it was more comfortable finally that others tell me what I have to do? I did what he told me … Autonomy, no need, I finish anyway at 17h.

and then Agile, everyone is talking about it … But me, I know HRs who have written that in their organization … and what chaos. There is no chef anymore! Well then there is no one to decide ….

So, according to you, teams that enjoy working together and contribute to the company’s results while being proud of the innovations and changes made, do not exist? How do you think these teams are doing? How do those who are satisfied with their job? They just have a lot of luck? They were predestined for happiness? There is furniture “at home” to encourage discussions and spontaneous meetings? No, there is a table football …

No, these teams also experience events and it is these events that allow them to reveal themselves. So what makes the difference? The look that each member of the team has on the other. Everyone knows that wealth comes from diversity and not from the mechanical execution of a task. Their view of colleagues and the company is positive and constructive. And this look, yours too, can evolve … I just wish you that happens to you. If you want, I can even help you do this work as a team. 😉

You may think that the expertise of your profession, the history of know-how do not make possible another look at the execution of your tasks. Or maybe you think of yourself as an employee I heard, lately answering a question from a young temporary trainer: A no here, we train unemployed! So come back to yourself and ask yourself if tomorrow must be like today and if by chance you could not review your way of thinking a little again.

4.      You do not know what to change

Yes, you feel that you would like to change something, but you do not know where to start. There are so many things that leave you dissatisfied! So if that’s the case … nothing is lost, start by noting everything that makes you dissatisfied with your daily work. Ask yourself, how does that annoy you? By making clear your daily agitations, by expressing them to others with the assurance that they hear you, the team will be able to unravel the threads and return to an added value and an effective contribution.

So if you remove the threads and find the central node, the one that must be undone to restore order in your organization, and knit it again at your leisure seems to be an option, then hire a coach and agree to follow in the dark a different way than the one you are used to.

A coaching product in a team his first results after 21 days smoothed over 3 months. The prerequisite is that the coach be free in his accompaniment (No injunctions to be done as usual). We enter the action, the basic principle is to trigger with a majority of the accompanied the acceptance of another look. This is the first step “to question yourself”.

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