C.I.D.s – Part 3 : The 4 levers for the success of your business transformation -Common Sense

In the first two parts of the four levers of your business transformation, I set about building the foundations for personal transformation and then, building a team around the values of C.I.D.s, namely Courage, Intuition, Défi  (Challenge) and  sens commun (common sense). It is the common sense that allows the C.I.D.s to share his vision, and it is the common sense from the vision that federates the team.

Business transformation: what’s about C.I.D.s into the organization ?

Here, it is the basics of the construction of a company’s organization that are re-visited with the C.I.D.s focus.

The common sense around a project as we have seen, engages the team. The role of C.I.D.s is to encourage everyone to shine and build collectively the product or service object of the initial spontaneous gathering.

At this stage, we will talk about start-ups that large companies today want the speed of orientation and their ability to mobilize and innovate.

Then, as soon as the structure as a System, envelopes the common project to extend it, sell it, we will talk about Business Organization whose main objective is to manage flows and tasks.

Of course, the Organization is developing around the “common sense” of which it will remain very often the bases of the corporate culture, as cement of the values which gather the collaborators today.

The Organization displays its Vision, unifying as a guarantee of the good functioning of the organization and declines around this its ultimate mission. I worked in large groups carrying a collective ideal, a mission-vision ranging from “to defend the world”, “to feed the planet”, “to make energy accessible to all”, “to facilitate the transport of each one “or” make communication more fluid “… All these visions carry meaning, yet are far removed from the collective feeling.

Organizations in their leadership of change often spend fortunes to give meaning to the vision. They share it with the help of videos and “mass” team building without ever realizing that the daily organization of work no longer allows to embark on the ideal of the Organization *.

Does common sense get away with the arrival of C.I.Ds or is it the initial project that loses its common sense by becoming an Organization multiplying support functions and operational functions?

I will speak here of the difficulty of harmonizing common interests. Imagine building a 1000-piece puzzle. Each element has its place and brings to the image, its depth and common sense.

Now imagine the image in 3D; and make it move. As long as the pieces of the puzzle are assembled, it works. But if we try to move the pieces of the puzzle individually to focus on a particular aspect of the image, the movement blurs the common sense. The actions of each piece are turned to a task as magnificent as the initial one and the system takes the power. The task becomes the goal and loses its fit with the rest of the system, sometimes digging an abyss between pieces of the puzzle. Nobody finds the links between the parts and the system does not question itself anymore. The tasks and the organization continue their road digging their respective “graves” because no one finds common sense despite a heap of work accomplished and the rest to be accumulated. The added value is diluted. The individual loses his landmarks and is demobilized …

Imagine, now that you are a conductor and that every piece of puzzle animates a virtuoso. The conductor is in charge of animating a melody. Thus, he invites each virtuoso to modulate a note. He builds group harmony and leaves the audience moved with so much beauty.

The common sense here is lived and shared the time of a concert.

This mobilization in business, “the time of a concert” is present. Values too. In fact, they are often a reflection of the corporate culture, the basis of the Organization and a reflection of its Vision. It is also often the individual values that invite an individual to join the Organization, which resembles him. This is the ideal common sense that from time to time is expressed and allows companies time for a project to be profitable.

For this ideal common sense, I will speak here of Aura collective, which is born from the association of each individual. This collective aura, like the note written on a score of music agrees either:

  • naturally; example: you are between “friends”, the discussion is fluid, the Confrontation positive. You enjoy being together. Your gestures are in harmony, the smiles are multiplying. You go together for a trip or an evening.
  • reproduced; example: under the leadership of a leader, in the sense of accompanying the change. Reproducing his spontaneous chords has been the subject of study and methods of which Neuro Linguistic Programming is probably the best known.

The goal of the leader is to align the energies on a vision of the future, the manager then leads and guides the team closer to the goal. The system allows the leader, the Manager and the team to interact in a common framework. On this topic, I invite you to read the article by leader J.L. Mosempés

” Management, Leadership, and NLP” 

The system, vision and values form the backbone of the organization and are the guarantees of the company’s ethics towards its employees.

Since the end of the 90s, the “influence” model has been changing and has led organizations to rethink themselves, to review the “work contract” and the “subordination” links.

Today everyone wants to blossom. Drivers are individual and based on the pleasure or the profit that one derives from it. This makes it more difficult for teams to synchronize within an organization. the system implodes.

Sociocracy, Halocracy, or Agile Leadership attempt to promote “spontaneous and shared governance.”

The principle of these new organizational models is based on the principle that everyone is free, autonomous, and engaged. This commitment symbolizes passion and brings together the will of individual action – Ago.

The individual carried by his natural intelligence will associate and build “around multiple passions” a spontaneous mode of synchronization. This association is seen by the current organizational model as chaotic since the organization and its representatives no longer have their places or their usual landmarks.

C.I.D.s are born and multiple. They will be called Intuitive Courageous under the Common Sense Challenge and will build our organizational model and code of ethics.


Author: Dominique popiolek-Ollé, Transmutation leader, Agile Executive Coach, Founder of In Imago management consulting and disruptive transformation.

Next article to appear: Aura collective