Self-determination Jump in!

Self-determination ! Choose between jumping and bouncing back.

Let the bounce go … and watch. The rebound cannot be controlled, it chooses its trajectory and falls …

Where you have the possibility to act, it is by individually deciding to leap, jump, go to meet … your motivation. This choice is offered to you in every minute, every present moment.

Motivation is for each of us an opportunity to be present in ourselves. Take the present moment as an opportunity to leap forward, to enter into your projects with full awareness. In short, take control of yourself and take one step at a time. Be an actor, self-determined!

Self-determination, what is it?

Self-determination, jump in!

Keep walking on your road, because it only exists by your steps !

Saint Augustin

Self-determination : emotional intelligence

Self-determination is the path to self-reliance. It is our ability to act. It starts with individual care. It is the decision to face our emotions and develop our full potential.

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