Serenity bubbles

With the announcement on October 28 by our President Emmanuel Macron, of a 4-week lockdown of the entire French population which affects us in particular in our social, friendly and family relations: I asked myself the question of how to maintain my level of confidence in a recovery, while being in lockdown mode.

So I did a little exercise around social distancing, and it allowed me to regain my serenity.

Psst follow me, and try your turn

The exercise can be done sitting or standing. You just need to be able to spread the arms to their full length.

You are ready, so close your eyes and feel your breath inside of you. Your chest rises steadily and soothes you.

After a dozen breaths focused on lifting your chest, spread your arms apart. You are now enlarged on each side of the distance of your arm: about 1m, a little less. It is more or less the distance imposed on us in our meetings with others, in this social distancing.

So still with your eyes closed, imagine that your outstretched arms draw a circle around you. This circle is a sphere, a bubble that is created around you.

At the beginning, it is a little empty.  While keeping your eyes closed, come back to your breathing and your chest, which is steadily rising. This breath fills your bubble about the size of your arms.

This distance becomes familiar and a part of you. Filled with your breath, you invite this space to be a haven of peace, serenity. It is an anti-stress shield. It becomes a bubble of rebound and serene contact with the outside, your bubble.

So here you are in a bubble of serenity. Then this bubble, vibrating with serenity, produces a second around the first. The second bubble of serenity encompasses the people next to you and psst passes them to the shaker of serenity. Hop, the second bubble built is also full with serenity and enriched by the clean contact of the people encountered.

And keep making your bubbles of serenity which from bubble to bubble go as far as your imagination allows. Once these bubbles are in place, open your eyes.

Your space of distance has changed, it has become a ball of serenity and an anti-stress shield. You just have to reactivate it during the day, and presto, your bubbles reform and transform these distances into sensory adventures.

So give it a try! Let us transform these distances into a space of peace, and relegate our fear to face, serene, what will present itself to us, each day.


Author: Dominique Popiolek-Ollé, Transmutation leader, Agile Executive Coach, Motivational and energetic coach.