The dynamic spiral

The dynamic spiral is a program proposal that invites us to read the world and its evolution through the prism of human behavior in his desire to build a lasting world. According to the evolution and his understanding of the world, man organizes his social life and his interactions with his environment.

Discover in video: the world in 2 minutes

Dynamic spiral, a program of evolution and involution to discover the world differently

After watching this video, find out how the dynamic spiral echoes this film. Taking us towards an ever faster evolution. The spiral is like an invitation to understand our differences and what (dis) unites us

Discover the Dynamic Spiral

Movement characterizes change, evolution, mobility, displacement. Movement requires putting into action. These different actions trigger chain reactions, a vector of change leading to motivation, amotivation, self-determination … and modification of our organizational models.

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The spiral is like a game allowing us to scroll through the different types of organizations according to the evolution of man. It is an invitation to identify where we are and where we want to go.

Bringing back to management is a way of challenging yourself to find which manager you want to become and the values ​​you would like to develop within your company.

Building a new world with the dynamic spiral

The value system of a person or a society depends on the circumstances in which these people live.

● The economic and social context allows and provokes the emergence of new values, new ways of seeing the world.

● These ways of seeing follow a pre-determined order of development which corresponds to the appropriate “response” for each economic and social context.

● The evolution of everyone, of society, follows a development of consciousness, of understanding of the world.

A person (or a group of people) can move forward or backward in this spiral when external (and internal) conditions change.

Each of the colors of the spiral is a map, which in our Trans’Formations we invite you to use for:

-Define- Align – Question your values
-Take stock of the consistency between “who you are” and “what you do”.
-Identify the strengths of a team.
-Align the expectations of a team with those of its leader
-Set a goal of change
-Strengthen motivation for change

-Question the capacities for change

Reinventing Organization: Frédéric Laloux’s simplified spiral