This is how!

For those who have worked with me in projects of transformation, my leitmotiv is to engage the management in the definition of its ambition and to lead everyone to specify their intention to organize the action in the service of the ambition.

The ambition is defined as a framework of Agile or transformation projects that the company wishes to carry out. Being Agile, only makes sense if it serves a why? Where do we want to go? or a why, a dream to share, to build together. Ambition brings meaning to our business project. It will feed the culture and give birth to the form of organization adapted to its deployment.

I remember in one of my missions a person who, beyond the organization she represented could project ambitious ideas for her department and which embarked on the long term: the application, the artificial intelligence, the customer and the employee. Her dream is to create a competition for the best human-machine interface, where the machine is at the service of the customer in order to challenge the company’s IT projects.

Unfortunately because of both change of direction and roadmap to 3 years, this idea never came to fruition. It is such a pity! Let us know how to listen to our collaborators, yesterday’s knowing people no longer carry a fertile organization.

The mobilization of employees’ emotional intelligence is naturally opposed to prescriptions and injections to be given by management. To propose another way, the very process of the enterprise is an obstacle. Why mobilize if the process itself leads to longer delays and dispatches teams according to this plan.

Autonomy is a form of freedom that only makes sense when permission to disobey and dare is given without restriction.

I will also mention here a project to deploy Power BI (software for managing information useful for decision-making). This one in its presentation is a tool which was created to replace the data management expert. See my interpretation in the diagram below.

A company that wants to be modern, digital replaces its experts in Business Intelligence with a data concatenation tool. This application tool gathers data, and assembles the facts to facilitate the decision.

During one of my missions, a large consulting firm had submitted a report on the modernization of the company and proposed to integrate power BI into the organization.

The preparatory workshops and the deployment of the tool required a gray intelligence to prepare a useful deployment of the tool. To date, a team remains mobilized around the tool and the preparation of decision reports.

So yes, the tool accelerates access to information once the human model has given it clear indications. It can then generate automatic reports and eventually offer AI * to dialogue with Top Management, but it will always take experts to find useful information niches and enrich the AI.

This is how! the human will evolve in his functions. He will have to seek and find his new missions and learn to play with complexity. Delegating AI tasks in a closed environment, he will free himself from recurrence to focus on interactions and solve problems. It will adapt and create a more harmonious tomorrow.

I will take up Jacques Welch’s sentence “When the speed of market development exceeds that of the organization, the end is near.” This is how! the era of AI is here. The company must rethink and give autonomy to everyone to re-create the jobs of tomorrow.

* AI: Artificial intelligence- is “all the theories and techniques used to create machines capable of simulating intelligence”

** Tasks in a closed environment: tasks which do not require interpretation

This article was conceived and written by Dominique Popiolek, leader and professional coach.

Source and other articles:

Bercot Régine, « Évolution des formes de travail : quelques configurations et contradictions actuelles », Cités, 2001/4 (n° 8), p. 51-61. DOI : 10.3917/cite.008.0051. URL :

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