Just be.

The term being is used to denote “that which is; Reality; Existence; a person in his innermost sensitivity”. As a verb, it generally refers to how we feel. It is through this term a way of designating our perceptions.

In the approach, Being, quite simply, is accepting what one is. It is to accept oneself. It is Being and not Having.

To be is to be reconciled with oneself so that the gaze of others is not interpreted by our emotions. It is being fluid in our actions, it is doing for oneself and not to satisfy the eyes of others, or to avoid what will be said.

It is becoming aware of his intentions to collaborate, go towards and not go against. It is to become aware of the full potential, to live the present moment in this full potential. Forget the intention, and journey to enter the process. It’s breathing, walking to live fully.

Anyway, you will understand: Being is not that simple. Our being, our way of being is a whole made up of our education, our ecosystems (relationships, family, school, employment …). It’s a clever mix of self-confidence and legitimacy.

It is to disobey in conscience and to obey in conscience. It is not because we said that it was good or bad, but rather an assumed bias in our actions. In summary:

Ego-ist (selfish), Equals

Ego-ist is a concept by which our ego is put forward. However, when you look closely, Being is also incarnating, being clear in your intentions, inspiring … And this is only possible if, in full consciousness, we are aligned. So if, in terms of ego, we tried the game to be equal.

Try this game between Ego-iste with Promenade zen.

To be is to discover oneself

1- To be is to discover yourself first by looking inside yourself. It is the passage of the Imago.

2- To be is to be aware of your impact on a group and of the role you want to play in a group. It is the passage of the secondary Imago.

It is a personal journey, at your own pace, which is offered to you by surprise. Someday, what you do doesn’t suit you. The gaze of others overwhelms you. Or, worse, your gaze on you is lacking in tenderness. You wonder what you are doing there!

And you stop … a moment, a few months and take stock of yourself, often constrained by stress. So anticipate.

Anticipate this moment, and take charge

To help you and progress gradually towards your Being, we offer you a return to yourself. A return to discover your Mago, your personal magician. This path is yours.

To support you, we provide you with Zen Promenade Podcasts, and a set of tools grouped together in Mago to support you in your personal development.

In what way Being and Having are opposed?

The self, like Having, are actions determined to acquire something: to have a job, to have a house, to have children, to have money. Actions are a projection of ourselves into the future and seen through the prism of our possessions. This is neither good nor bad. It is a determination of oneself through what is understood as social success and measured by one’s assets. Self-measure is external.

The self, like Being, seems more metaphysical. It’s like a flower, finding its roots and its strength in yourself. It is gaining confidence and affirming, even outside the box, your deep self. It is deciding one’s path, in all conscience. This is

-become aware of your emotions

-act in conscience

– manage the boomerang effect

-understand the reflective impact

-work for something bigger than yourself

To be, it is an interior journey which brings other keys than those of having. To be is an understanding of universal laws, of organic processes. It is to understand the Living. It is to find its reason for Being.

Find balance

Once the process of Being is set in motion, a different vision is offered to you.

Once properly installed, this process makes it possible to harmonize one’s Being and one’s having.

The mind, heart and body are aligned. The whole allows a setting in action which finds its foundation inside oneself … It is a conscious act of alignment, it is to choose at any time to which I one addresses.

Being, process of transformation

As a Being, there is no goal to reach. There is a situation and a full potential. The process of transformation is simply Being and entering into the process that underlies the situation.

You are the breath that animates the situation. You are present there to yourself and in this breathing, in your body, you feel the opening. There is no thought, no goal to achieve. you just flow with your breath.

The main thing is to open the way, the path, to know how to walk, no matter where your steps take you, and to be in phase.

Be in phase

By evacuating any tension on the goal to be reached, your Being evolves, changes, and the situation adapts in a free evolution. Being is being in complicity with life. Being, simply the rest adjusts, induces the necessary change.