The lexicon of the success of your business transformation

C.I.D.s :  the C.I.D. s is the representation of” the 4 levers of the success of your business transformation which are respectively-Courage, Intuition, Defi as Challenge, sens commun as common sense.

This lexicon contains all the definitions associated with the articles “The 4 levers of your Company’s transformation”. I imagined them by writing my articles. It specifies, in particular, the attributes of the C.I.D.s as well as my understanding of the companies organizational system.

This lexicon is also the vocabulary associated with my coaching offer.

The lexicon of the success of your business transformation

Ago : act, put into action – is the primary impulse that soon (see before) the youngest age, leads us to do: to stand up, walk, express ourselves, oppose us, engage us. He finds his ultimate success in realizing it, realizing himself. First, he puts his personal magician, his Mago, into action and lets him fly to the Imago. Imago is the last step to affirm himself.

Agility : see below the  interpretation of the author

In France, agility in its definition is a concept. It is the ability for an individual or a business to adapt quickly to changing situations.

Across the Atlantic, I will say that agility is the common realisation of an intention, object of the business which involves the customer and the team and of course the company.

To learn more, see the 12 articles on the Agile Manifesto blog: Principles and Values

Ambition :  Amb, Ambitio from its latin origin : ambition f. n :desire to reach to glory, to power.

Having an ambition for the company, beyond the vision, is to define the very essence of its existence. Ambition brings meaning to our business project. It will feed the culture and give birth to the organisation structure which suits its deployment.

Therefore it is a preambule to transformation projects or Agililty that the company would like to implement. Being Agile only makes sense when it serves a why? Where do we want to go? or a what for?

Area : The area, in its Latin origin, designates a flat space (arid, even). Progressively the area will become in the world of the Anglo-Saxon work, the open-space or the playground where the people will collectively work together.

Aura: Atmosphere that surrounds or seems to surround a being. This definition is plural here. This aura is carried by a group, therefore we talk about collective aura.

Positive Confrontation : The Latin word is confrontatio. The confrontatio signification has its origin in the comparison of 2 fronts with the fine analysis of the strengths of each. In the collective intelligence, we will speak about strategy to be careful not to enter in the confrontation. That’s why I will talk about positive confrontation.

Positive confrontation assembles all ideas to create the idea. That federates all the collective forces involved in the project.

Chaos, Chaotic : finds its origin in Greek mythology and means to be open. Chaos precedes land, life … In “The 4 levers of the success of your Company’s transformation”part 3, spontaneous organizations are seen as chaotic because the set of benchmarks and the system itself is called into question.

C.I.D.s :  the C.I.D. s is the representation of 4 levers of transformation, which are respectively-Courage, Intuition,  Defi as Challenge,  sens commun as common sense.

In the article The 4 levers of the success of your company’s transformation, Part 1“, Courage represents the armed arm of the will. Intuition is our guide, the Défi as Challenge is our arm of honor, and sens commun as common sense is born from the challenge and becomes the vision, and the associated organization Videre.

The CID also represents the lord, leader, or high-ranking character. The Cid. so is the leader, serving that we would like to see born in organizations and become multiple.

C.I.D.s will then be the Courageous Intuitives taking up the Common Sense Challenge.

Manage flows : see Systems

DRIVER : is an English word traditionally used in computer science to designate the pilot, or computer program of detection of materials or spare parts to ensure its exploitation.

The Drivers in my article the 4 levers of transformation, part 3 are motivational levers. As such, it feeds our Ago, and the driver.

AI: Artificial Intelligence – is “the set of theories and techniques used to create machines capable of simulating intelligence”. In my article This is how, I establish as a postulate that the human will find their place in the complexity and will delegate the tasks in a closed environment: tasks that are freed from a human interpretation

Innovation: is the process that brings the idea to fruition, from its birth to the start of production.

Imago : it is the expression of our definitive form, perfect, our accomplished Me

Mago : personal magician,

Trio : product-service-concept in which to register the collective result.

Sens commun as Common sense : The “sensus communis” is in fact literally the representation of knowledge organized in / by the life of the group.

Common sense is the art of living together, organizing and collaborating together.

Systems:  finds its Greek origin in Systeo and corresponds to
the verb to assemble, to link together. In the case of business transformation,
the system is seen as a set of interrelated actions and processes, see the
Systemic of organizations in video.

The complexity of the system leads the Organization to manage flows and for this it uses measurement tools, and creates a simplified representation of the interactions between individuals and their current actions.

Spontaneous synchronization :   it is a movement opposed to
the oscillation as described in my article “the oscillating ball for the impetus for effective management”. The ball by its impact allows the setting in motion. The spontaneous synchronization shows two systems that by their interaction itself produces an identical movement. There are many examples of synchronization in nature, the singing of locusts, heart cells, the applause of a crowd etc …

This synchronization also occurs between individuals as soon as complicity is revealed. I have also met him as a team when confidence and respect are in
place. This aspect will be further developed in collective Aura.

Videre :  is a form of organization where a group expresses itself. It is not necessarily universal but makes others want to see. It is then that common sense takes the name of vision: videre. Videre, in Latin, takes its meaning in going to see, witnessing …

Author: Dominique popiolek-Ollé, Transmutation leader, Agile Executive Coach, Founder of In Imago management consulting and disruptive transformation.