The oscillating ball: the impetus for effective management by Dominique Popiolek-Ollé

From business to business, from transformation to transformation, I often come up against the syndrome of the dispersed team, to see nonexistent except in the count of the resources of the information systems.

I have long thought that this was due to a status quo maintained at high level, to maintain the various privileges associated with the right to know: control information, its network to better assert its authority.s

Today I am not so sure. Indeed, the meteoric success of some start-ups and that of GAFAM are proof of a paradigm shift. Social networks argue that times have changed, that generation Y is incontrollable, that datas and user-experience are the masters of a product-and-customer-oriented business success. Managers are now convinced, they are ready to move.

Employees as for them, have been dreaming for at least 10 years: they expect meaning to re-invest, that only a management in action can offer.

2019, offers us a perspective of reconciliation between a management who asks to be active and collaborators to get involved.

It only misses … the oscillating ball for effective management.

All of them are wondering what to do and often opt for a process or a method that they empty in their haste of substance to keep only a tool or a simplified-miracle process. Managers are looking for a tool, a way to cling to the breadth of movement impulse by others – such as happiness at work represented by a table football and sofas around a television, or by the multiplication of serious games to reinforce the team spirit, or even Agile and Scrum that promise in addition to usability, efficiency-profitability to those who know how to tame them.

But what is the use of a foosball or a sofa if it is common knowledge that to use it has been fleimard!

So, let’s take the oscillating ball, relax our tensions and our fears to enter the action in 3 steps.

1- Eliminate the tasks without added value: all those which do not have utility product-client, and especially give up the post card related to the bonus which prevents the mutual aid and the focus on the objectives to added value.

2- Let’s collaborate instead of preserving our silos by establishing once and for all the principle that each employee can work with whom he or she feels good and that each person, individually or in subgroups, can contribute to the organization and the simplification of processes, by choosing his mode of work.

3- Automate what takes us time and delegate to companies the achievements of our future automaton to finally reconcile the man and the machine by letting man do what the technology is incapable. Manage the interactions between individuals.

Arm us with courage. Managers you are almost there.  Start in
the action and the path will be drawn before you

The tools and processes, there are many, will help you in due course. Make agile context but not Agile because Spotify or Safe or Scrum offers you a process.


I thank the companies that trust me and all my partners who encourage me on a daily basis and dedicate this article to you.