Customer culture: from PSA to Stellantis

eDealer project

The dealer is seen as a customer of the brand.

By communicating with the dealers, PSA comes into direct contact with the after-sales service. Thus, the website breaks the tradition of the informative site by offering its dealers a real e-commerce site..

Therefore, the promotional offers are made on the products chosen by the various dealers themselves, just like the type of operation implemented! The objective is thus to better manage the rotation and aging of stocks, while identifying synergies between the brands.

The Peugeot brand, followed by Citroën, are the precursors of a major change in strategy: to be a supplier of innovative mobility solutions and services. PSA has therefore focused all its efforts on its customers, whether they are partners, suppliers, distributors, dealers, or internal customers? It has succeeded in anchoring an inspiring customer culture approach.

Customer share

Our first steps were to understand the agile approach, to align with our expectations in terms of CRM, and to determine who our customers were:

  • The project is Centric organization and the clients are the PSA Brands.
Remember 2016-2017

Our first deliveries:

  • A common understanding of customer segmentation
  • A Lean Canvas with a first product to experiment with
  • A vision shared on the front page of a magazine
  • A RACI of people nested in the project
  • A list of decisions to make

The Business Plan is written in Agile mode (Lean Start up) and the first user stories feed into the strategic backlog. A few months later, the car manufacturer succeeded in streamlining this customer journey in its points of sale and improving the quality of reception on arrival.

Agile governance is also in place to monitor all of the group’s transformation projects and ensure a minimum budget for these experiments.

Rationalization of IS tools

In order to follow the progression of customer satisfaction in the same way throughout the group, PSA has opted for a transformation project management tool: Inside Board, which is deployed for all of the group’s brands.

The platform makes it possible to monitor employee engagement in the transformation by measuring and sharing individual and collective results. and by promoting friendly competition between teams by gamifying the learning process.

Customer service quality improvement programs, consumer journeys, and collaboration between dealers are grouped together and connected to the same platform.

Scheduling appointments allows you to ensure quality customer service and manage staff in order to guarantee the quality of customer reception.

The centralization of transformation projects also allows the various concessions to compete with each other thanks to identical monitoring of the customer journey. The indicators from one concession to another are identical, the definition of the route is the same.

Customers can also express their level of satisfaction and recommend a particular dealership, just like they would a restaurant on Trip ….

PSA with Stellantis continues its integration of the “customer journey”. With the regrouping of 14 brands, it becomes the world’s leading automotive producer and maintains its position as a pioneer in terms of multi-channel digital business.