2 ways to pitch

The pitch is a narrative element. It allows a team, committed to a common project, to take a Meta position, in relation to its project

The team by establishing the scenario of the project, the setting in scene, by identifying the personas, beneficiaries of the project, takes a distance to tell in the present what its project will be.

It is also a tool to use to capture the attention of the audience. We remember better and are more focused when someone tells us a story than when we try to convince us with a rhetorical argument.

The Pixar pitch

Pixar was invited in 2015 to the Agile toolbox. It offers a staging out of context of all the elements of a project.

Thus it renews the technique of storytelling, narrative communication from the 1990s.

The Pixar Pitch presents a product, a service, an innovation in a staging. The personas, project actors and future beneficiaries are approached in the form of a told story.

Pitch Pixar structure

Once upon a time ____________________________. 

Everyday, _______________________. 

But someday,________________________________________. 

Because of that, _________________________________. 

Because of that, __________________________________. 

Until eventually ___________________________________.

The idea is to describe an ideal or supposed previous situation such as: Once upon a time … Every day.

To create a rupture / a catastrophe: But one day …

To describe the consequences of this rupture / catastrophe: Because of that… Because of that…

Then come up with the solution that brings about a new balance: Until finally …

The Pitch Magazine front page

The front page of a magazine is the front of your project. It must therefore be attractive and make you want to enter.

The first page of the magazine is invited to conclude, for example, a Lean start’up workshop to highlight the product, its differentiating character and the distribution channels …

It is built on the basis of the elements below

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Pitch, Magazine front page, structure

Examples of use

1-Pitch is a flagship product of web-marketing, Inbound marketing, which consists of attracting Internet users through attractive and quality internet content.

1m30 is a site built with the Pixar Pitch promoting audience capture on the web by highlighting attractive content.

2- An idea for a workshop to simulate an Agile production: create a children’s story in 2 hours by setting up a short production cycle.

3- The pitch can be an essential element of self-confidence, discover this aspect in Well in your sneakers, publication Being true, being yourself for Vrai Média.

4- The pitch is the key to a successful presentation in TEDx, or to gain support in a start’up incubator

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