To be true, to be yourself.

To be True, to be yourself is the challenge of Vrai Media by seeking resources where they are found!

Recruitment is changing, adapting to offer both companies and candidates a boost to France. With Vrai Media, feeling good in your sneakers, good in your skin to find your place is essential.

So on Linkedin, every week we publish a pamphlet to help you feel good in your sneakers, or with Running Job to identify the key behaviors that will help you at each stage of your career.

Articles published on linkedin are listed here:

Good in your sneakers – Season 1

#1 Full employment, we believe in it! introduces you to those who find, those who flee and those who seek. Which of them will you be?

#2 The job interview. A way to see what you have prepared, what you are bringing and what will come out.

#3 Pitch yourself. An article to (re) visit the pitch: what for? the techniques and some examples to use this tool in all circumstances and showcase yourself.

#4 Get organized to find the business of my dreams and identify my core values

#5 Manage your stress, and for that Breathe!

#6 Set yourself challenges, why and how to set challenges and be in the Flow. This state of mind that allows you to focus and enjoy what you are doing

#7 Set your intention! why is this important? How to get there . This article concludes season 1 of Good in your sneakers.

Running Job!

Running job is a course to identify key elements and skills, and implement them in your daily life.

#1 The skills sought offer a look at the postures to be developed

#2 Boosting your career is an offbeat look to see obstacles as opportunities

#3 Boost your livings is an approach to find in its daily life the anti-procrastination, anti-gloom, anti-depressant resources.

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