Retrospective: Pandora’s box

Chloé Grandin innovates in this retrospective and regales us with a beautiful proposal for team animation in her post Pandora’s box. An idea for Agile teams and for those who wish to review their internal communication.

The ingredients for a successful retrospective

  • Prepare 20-30 questions you would like participants to ask themselves, each of these questions are written on a separate card
  • Divide these cards into 3 identical piles, cards face up. The highest cards in this deck will be the first drawn by the participants
  • Provide a “Discard” space to place used cards

Each open question releases another question and everyone’s word, like Pandora’s box from mythology

Facilitate the session (30 to 45 minutes)

Allow 3 to 5 minutes per person

Limit the number of questions according to the amount of participants.

Find out more, discover Chloé’s post directly on her blog by clicking on the link

A perfect tool to coach

Groups in which the floor is not evenly distributed (talkative & shy)

Groups in which some unspoken things find it difficult to be shared

When you have the impression of being too present as a facilitator and want to let the participants do as much as possible, especially from a distance

When as a regular facilitator you want to participate

When as a facilitator you lack energy that day

For exchanges involving remote participants and face-to-face participants

Groups uncomfortable with remote collaborative tools

Try it on! It’s a real gold mine 😍