Learn differently! Bringing together imaginaries through music and gathering – Walk with Jean-Yves LeLoup

As part of my team support and coaching for decision-makers, I like to organize “out of the box” experiences, to unleash the creative potential of teams. Jean-Yves Leloup shared with us the genesis of the Electro project and leads us into the depth of the project.

Work is for most people the opposite of fun, and work-related training is no exception. Supporting managers by using games and experimenting with men as leverage is a real asset.

Some studies * show that “gamifying” work increases employees’ ability to develop and increase their skills by 40%. It is the company as a whole that would benefit from the improved performance of its employees.

Author : Dominique popiolek-Ollé, Transmutation leader, Agile Executive Coach, Founder of In Imago, management consulting and disruptive transformation.