Serious Games to animate your communities

What is your player profile?

Open serious game, OGS
Open serious game, recognize your player profile!

Know yourself before embarking on a community animation. The serious game is an effective facilitation and game coaching tool, provided you know the bad players from the start!

#OSG-Open serious game, for which community ?

The Open serious game is a must have for any community wishing to share knowledge. The game through its dynamic approach (even remotely) promotes contact. It makes it rich in exchanges and in shared complicity.

Deploying a method in a community remains a living adventure, with moments of adaptation, innovation, and often collective intelligence!

Get started, but first discover the 7 questions to ask yourself before getting started. Then get started in its implementation:

  1. Establish the vision
  2. Select what to begin with
  3. Determine the roles
  4. Create first processes
  5. Define our content strategy
  6. Launch your first events
  7. Keep the method alive

Thank you @Alexandre Quash for this relevant summary of open a successful serious game

Game theory in video

The game theory

Define the bases of an effective collaboration to avoid this prisoner’s dilemma and invest yourself in an active community.

  1. Split your time between work and sharing moments
  2. Pick up your phone every time you have a question or something to be clarified
  3. Collaborate and provide help whenever a topic interests you
  4. Develop friendship and enjoy being part of this community