Conflict situations

Case #1 : the colleague on the phone

Amelie is regularly annoyed by Jerome’s behavior, not only does the latter always point out to her her good (or bad) appearance in the morning, but he talks loudly. He does all his videoconferencing in the open space. His conversations are animated and punctuated with jokes. Amelie feels taken hostage in this open-space where she endures Jerome’s conversations and jokes. How can Amelie manage the situation?

Case #2 : chatting

Etienne can no longer stand the chatter of his two colleagues. He refused the last time to go out with them for coffee. He feels like he’s the only one working here. He opens up to them brutally. Annoyed by their silence in the face of his anger, he ends up insulting them. How can his two colleagues handle this verbal aggression?

Case #3: the rumor

A rumor is circulating on the Internet, announcing the cessation of an activity. The internet is out of control, for better and for worse. Therefore, this news can disturb the established order in the company. Information escapes the control of management and sometimes, the most basic principle of accountability. Nevertheless, through his employment contract, each employee has an obligation of loyalty and confidentiality.

Your HRD suspects one of your employees and asks you to intervene to put an end to this rumour.

What is the role of the manager towards his collaborator to regain control over this unfair conduct? How to approach the individual, without degrading the atmosphere in your team?

Case #4 : Demotivation

The company has just been taken over by a large industrial group. This is its third restructuring plan. The processes change constantly and the bosses in charge of validating the expenses necessary for the organization of the service change constantly as well. They don’t stay longer than 6 months. It’s really demotivating, nothing is over. The team no longer has morale. It doesn’t have any framework. How to remobilize it?

Case #5: a poisonous atmosphere

For some time now, the team’s atmosphere has deteriorated. Alphonsine is in a bad mood. Everything put in place by his colleagues makes no sense. She spends her time behind them to redo everything. Yet she tells them how to do it, and how they should go about it. But nothing helps. They do not understand anything. Alphonsine frowns and constantly criticizes everything. The atmosphere around her becomes heavy. No one wants to joke or even speak. How to manage this negative atmosphere, help Alphonsine and restore morale to the team?