Influence management

Influence management or mobilizing management is the ability of a manager to provide the necessary indications to his teams based on a Listening-Questioning-Transforming trio.

An effective manager demonstrates active and sincere listening to his employees. He avoids interpreting and judging the reactions of the latter. He asks questions and tries to understand before reacting.

Listening, the genuine one, the one that takes the other into account, is undoubtedly the most important managerial skill and the most mobilizing … but often the least used.

Sincere communication based on listening makes it possible to deliver strategic messages and share the company’s vision. Each individual has a privileged mode of operation. Bringing about change and gaining support and then autonomy for teams requires communicating at the right frequency.

Communicate on the right frequency

Which means leaving the classification on management styles and play on 4 formats of explanations. Present his strategy, his long-term vision by answering 4 questions:

  • Why,
  • What,
  • How,
  • What for,
Styles de management, 4 formats de communication, management mobilisant

Then invite everyone to speak. Listen-Question- Transform the debate by inviting teams to propose in their department an experiment aimed at deploying the strategy within their entity. Everyone takes responsibility and thus appropriates future developments in the present.

Mobilizing management: Influence or manipulation

Freely get people to do what they need to do …

Influence or manipulation

Influence or manipulation, the techniques are the same. And we ALL use these techniques without realizing it sometimes.

Definition: These are communication techniques aimed at changing the behavior of an individual or a group. The only difference between these two notions is intention. In fact, we speak of manipulation when the techniques are used with the objective of taking control of a person or a group. Conversely, we speak of influence when it is used to help or advance a person.

Areas of expertise

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The notion of influence is transversal and research on it is useful in many areas of activity such as advertising, sales or even politics or even … management!

Evolution of the managerial model

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