Boost your energy # 3, TRANSFORM

To be to transform

Let the bounce go… and watch. The rebound cannot be controlled, it chooses its trajectory and falls … As soon as the gesture is conscious, everything is transformed and takes on meaning …

Where you have the opportunity to act is by individually deciding to leap, jump, meet … your motivation. This choice is offered to you in every minute, every present moment.

Motivation is for each of us an opportunity to be present within ourselves. Take the present moment as an opportunity to leap forward, to enter into your projects with full awareness. In short, take charge and take it one step at a time. Be an actor, self-determined!

3 examples

The dribble
The drop
The game

It is in the present moment that movement impacts and influences events. It’s in the present, by being aware of how your gestures impact things, by understanding how they set in motion.

To be is to engage in the present. HE IS, I AM.

Thus, the I, engages others to be, to realize themselves. Everyone is there, present to what is happening, to what needs to be done and overall cooperation is possible. The third video shows this individual momentum, carried by the team, the movement is taking shape. And it’s won


The soundtrack, to support you

This is the moment when each stakeholder comes together and collaborates to create a cooperative environment where everyone expresses themselves without fear, without constraint. Everyone’s ideas are respected. Emotional intelligence evades social rules to implement the following 4 golden rules:

  1. Silencing judgment (including self-judgment)
  2. Take action without trying to be right, to impose the path
  3. Be the movement so that every effort undertaken bears fruit
  4. Have faith in the ability of each to be part of a common construction


Become aware, discern

To become aware, to discern, it is a training. It is taking the time to come back to your body, to dissociate what you are. It is to cast light and shade on our perceptions.

The 3 podcasts below are an invitation to focus and sort things out. These are simple breathing exercises.

Exercises that you will overcome, quickly. After having established a routine, you will take the automatism of playing with your inside-outside and, step by step, transform your perceptions.