Customer culture and coaching

Interactions with a customer and a brand are characterized by the customer experience.

Deciding to orient the culture of your company, its DNA towards this meeting with the client cannot be improvised! Client culture and coaching come together to give you the necessary perspective in your implementation.

Why being coached in the implementation of your customer culture?

As we have seen, customer culture leads the company to redefine its values, the meaning it brings to its production. Managers are called upon to establish genuine authenticity, to redefine the bases of their strategic management. They will thus establish the bases of a liberated management favoring the implementation of Agile values, thus transferring to the teams the power over the entire production chain up to the responsibility of the customer relationship.

Strategic management places in the hands of the team – and not of its operational management – the guarantee of delivery in accordance with customer needs across the entire value chain, internal and external, and of compliance including in customer service management.

During the implementation of customer culture, the company is jostled between:

  1. its traditional values,
  2. the implementation of digital tools to perform better and better control its data,
  3. its internal organization,
  4. and the need to welcome the customer within it, as if he were a member. full part of his business.

Client culture and coaching: dealing with the digital and human confrontation

Therefore we are faced with the implementation of a complex eco-system. While the objectives of companies remain to

  1. Perform better than its competitors
  2. Increase your turnover
  3. Gain visibility and notoriety by building your e-reputation
  4. Recruit talents
  5. Innovate

The arrival of digital, the robotization of companies, the liberation of work with the increase of self-employed workers call into question the laws of subordination. The company is reinventing its processes, introducing the customer into any value chain and looking for the best man-machine interface.

To deal with this paradox, this is where coaching is needed.

Client culture, which company are you ?

The customer culture in the organization is formalized by the presence or absence of evidence for employees that their company cares about customers. The diagram below shows that the majority of companies left in the diagram below do not have a customer culture. For 35% of them, customer culture is voluntary and therefore driven by strategic management. For 29%, old world, customer culture is not really part of the company’s DNA. For 11%, the company was born in it and the teams are flexible and autonomous, able to manage any customer question.

Asymmetrical companies are often local companies having created their success on the ground.

Culture client et organisation, soure HBR

So to get started, it is important to get coached and identify where the company wants to go, and where it is going.


During a Business Agility Institute meetup that I hosted on Thursday October 8, I took the participants to a Customer Culture rally in order to determine the values ​​associated with the customer experience.

The participants touched on the ambiguity of such an experience. Which client are we talking about? The internal customer, the manager who pursues a performance objective, the end customer. AND believe well without coaching, we quickly lose the reality on the ground, the why of a retro-feedback. The customer himself who has submitted his feedback on social networks is not always aware of the use of his comment or even of how it will be used by the company. Authenticity is often absent from this customer culture journey.

As a result, the customer becomes suspicious and only occasionally contributes to giving his true opinion, thereby rendering the attempt to explore his thought for unrequited commercial purposes futile.

Therefore, it is important to collect feedback, analyze it and implement and communicate on actions to repair internal-external relations. Thus integrating the different interactions with customers and personalizing each internal relationship with the customer. Developing an internal culture focused on customers is essential. The opinions of employees deserve to be known, because they are the main players in this relationship with the customer.

Culture Client Coaching is a tailor-made course that will accompany you in a useful and efficient 360 ° in the implementation of your customer experience, and will take into account your entire ecosystem. The Ago Trans-Formations and Building a New World are other avenues that you can explore to find the basics of support that suits you.

Customer Culture also means facing a new generation that is more mobile and more connected!

A new way of seeing the world, of seeing the company is imposed on companies. The quest for meaning, the why we do it, while respecting what value is essential for our young people.

Where all benchmarks explode, think about coaching!

It is a useful mirror for you as a leader, for your strategic management as well as for your teams.

Traditional coaching, or better yet game coaching, aims to allow you to look back on yourself. To ask yourself the right questions to turn to action and experimentation. It will allow you to establish a strong inter-generational dialogue and to switch to an adapted, engaging management. Customer culture will take everyone on board towards a promising future.

Coaching is also a way of transmitting know-how to support the company in this metamorphosis and to allow it to be completely autonomous afterwards.

Thus, it is important to consider the customer experience as a strategy and to ensure the full involvement of managers for the implementation of a coherent strategic management.

Author: Dominique Popiolek-Ollé, Transmutation leader, Agile Executive Coach, Founder of In Imago management consultancy and disruptive transformation.