What if a design challenge breathed new life into the motivation of your teams?

It is a way of conceiving and structuring our response to customer requests. It is giving the teams the authorization to do otherwise, to take end-to-end control of your products and services.

Design challenge, what is it?

It is a challenge to solve a design problem, to simplify a process, to meet a need. It’s about creating a roadmap to frame your Challenge design and guide you.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Does my challenge lead to ultimate impact?
  • Does it take into account the context and the constraints?
  • Does it allow a variety of potential solutions?
  • You will compose, then you will refine your proposals to confront them with your customers, until they are like you impatient to take up the experience with you.

The 5 steps of your design challenge :

1-Start by writing down your challenge. It should be short and easy to remember. Try to compose a single sentence that expresses the problem you want to solve. Use questions to challenge the why? and make sure your teams have free rein to come up with a set of how.

2- Align yourself with the goal or outcome you hope to achieve. Do you have the same vision for success as all the other stakeholders? Align yourself with the goal at hand.

3-Identify the audience you want to serve, the context, their constraints, and influence in their life. Define your audience to map its ecosystem around your audience.

4- Review your challenge and verify that it still meets your objectives described in phase 2. Refine your question and finalize your roadmap. Framing the right challenge is the key to arriving at a good solution.

5- A quick test is to apply the 5 whys to see if we can come up with five possible solutions in a few minutes. If so, you are probably on the right track. Try this out and make any necessary adjustments to get the right range for your challenge.

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Start the challenge, and support your teams!

Compile your results, and facilitate


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