Your customer culture step by step


In Summary

Customer culture step-by-step is a support to initiate the change of culture within your organization.

Putting the customer at the center of your know-how, integrating him into your know-how and creating the basis for an internal-external feedback loop, is a real upheaval in your habits. C’est un changement de paradigme. It’s riding a bike in reverse!

Faire du vélo à l’envers!

Customer culture step by step gathers all our articles to offer you a progressive approach to :

  1. put the customer at the heart of your processes
  2. integrate it into your know-how
  3. create the basis for internal-external feedback
  4. develop a know-how that will constitute the DNA of your company

The “Client culture” file

You said Culture! offers you to build the portrait of your company to understand which culture you are closest to.

Customer culture and Agile values to establish the reasons for your culture change and understand the fundamental changes.

Customer culture: being authentic! reminds you of the fundamentals to be customer-centric

and lay the foundation for your e-reputation.

Customer culture is the cornerstone of organizational transformation

Lifestyles invite strategic management to evolve

Digital transformation is needed to exploit customer data

Customer data becomes an indicator of success when your brand, your company is mentioned in social networks or in customer publications. They score your company’s ability to respond to and meet service requests on time. This includes both how quickly your agents initiate interaction and how long it takes them to respond to customer demand.