Employer brand: take care of your e-reputation

In our article “Recruitment is revolutionizing”, we show how new technologies, changes in the work environment, the development of new technologies and the arrival of millennials have shaken up the way of recruiting.

Employer brand : definition

It is the internal brand of a company. It integrates its culture, its history, its public brand and its recruitment policy. It is the way you are perceived “on the inside by your collaborators”.

The employer brand is aimed at all stakeholders in the organization, both internal and external: employees, managers, candidates, partners, public authorities, institutions, universities, external recruiters, and sometimes even competitors.

Employer brand: a special quiz to test your knowledge

Think you know everything about the employer brand? Take the opportunity to check it out with this surprising quiz from BPI France.

In short, the company for recruiting young talents, #supertalents, is showing itself at its best. The attractiveness of the employer brand is gaining more and more weight in the final choice of the candidate. 86% of profiles will seek information on the networks before applying, or even contact former employees to ensure the atmosphere and the values ​​carried by the company.

Rate your business

Today, employees have more and more freedom to rate their company on several criteria giving the opportunity to express themselves on the subject while maintaining anonymity.

The platforms make it possible to rate the working atmosphere, remuneration, development possibilities and even the company’s attitude towards its employees. Ratings are done anonymously and by awarding points, stars or ratings.

Rating sites:

They are now essential. Glassdoor, Choose My Company or Better-enterprises.com: these sites are very valuable for auditing your employer brand. They allow you to see what word of mouth is being done about you on the web.

In addition, for some companies in which “it is good to live”, it is a tool for communication and engagement. These platforms undeniably make it possible to evolve taking into account comments and this allows them to meet the demands and needs of employees.

Employer brand: define your strategy

Where to start ?

Prioritize your projects, taking into account the benefits to be expected from each action and the difficulty of implementation. You start with the least complex and the most successful in the short term.

Points 1 & 2 are accessible to all types of businesses. Points 3 and following are more expensive and complex to implement.

1- Be present on the networks

Take care of the profiles of managers and employees on professional networks such as LinkedIn and Viadeo, to attract new talents and promote the know-how of its employees to its customers.

The company must therefore be present and active on all communication channels, on the web (via the website or company page) or social networks, on which criticism and praise are transmitted at high speed. Managing your employer brand well means developing your reputation so as not to miss any recruitment opportunities.

2- Define your HR policy

If you want people to think well and say good things about your business, the atmosphere in your office has to be really good. This can mean A LOT of changes.

3- Create your campaign

It is giving yourself the means to initiate comments on your business. This is what will make your employees want to be an ambassador for your employer brand.

4- Create an ambassador program

It is to stimulate, to encourage the “free” diffusion of information.

5- Promote your employer brand

It is offering quality content that everyone can relay and comment on.

6- Create a career site …

It is a strategy which, through the reputation of the company, reflects its values, its organization and offers an open relay of communication. The employer brand, although geared towards recruitment, takes into account all the stakeholders and is the basis of what will be the employee experience.

Employees, actors of your reputation

The bases of its e-reputation aim to integrate direct and indirect communication with its employees. To learn more, read the article below:

My e-reputation is all the data available on the net and on social networks which allow the referencing of my site, comparative analyzes on my products, on my employer reputation, on my position in search engines…

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