C.I.D.s : Part 2 : The 4 levers for the success of your business transformation : The collective commitment

The C.I.D.s is our individual ability to experience our Mago, our personal magician. This is a way to maintain our individual motivation. We saw how to become C.I.D.s in the 4 levers for Success of your business transformation-part 1.

In this second part, we will see how the C.I.D.s deals with the heart of the team.

Business transformation- the collective commitment

When he is part of a team, the C.I.D.s is the guarantor of collective commitment. The 4 levers for the C.I.D.s is an acronym of Courage, Intuition, Défi as Challenge and sens commun as common sense. 

 Some good ideas are collected of what is a good team -player :

  • Good team players admit when they’ve made a mistake, and take accountability and responsibility
  • They are people the whole team can depend on and deliver on promises
  • They can adapt to changing circumstances and are flexible
  • They understand the system they are working in
  • They’re willing to entertain other ideas

The C.I.D.s contribute to generating the condition of good Teams spirit and generate good team players.

Business transformation: how to activate collectively the C.I.D.s ?

1- Courage :

The C.I.D.s has the courage to fade so that everyone finds his place in the team, can express himself, and especially assert himself. He will constantly awaken his team, and encourage each member to come true.

It will ensure the well-being of everyone so that smoothly, the area can be built.

The area, in its Latin origin, designates a flat space (arid, even). Progressively the area will become in the world of the Anglo-Saxon work, the open-space or the playground where collectively the people will collectively work collectively.

The C.I.D.s will animate this area until the emergence of common sense, federator of the team. It will then fade for the benefit of the collective: the team has become autonomous

2- Intuition

The C.I.D.s will rely on his intuition to make the area less arid. In this place, he will discuss the conflicts that have been created. It will allow positive confrontation to bring out group innovation.

Remember in part 1- The C.I.D.s carries an idea, he is the inventor, the creator or the genesis in a way. The team will be depository. It holds the action of innovating and will be as such a guarantor of the process that takes place from the birth of the idea to the stage of production.

So that the process of innovation can be fully expressed, the
C.I.D.s thanks to its intuition, will allow everyone to weigh the idea, and
allow additives.

The original idea will fade to give birth to a trio:
product-service-concept in which to register the collective result.

Of course, it does not go smoothly. Everyone, from the inventor to each member of the team, feels in turn the creator of this idea, the sole depository. His ego, his personal pride can push him to appropriate the idea and impose his innovations at the expense of group work.

All the emotional intelligence of the CIDs will be to make compatible the ideas of each one, to reduce the conflicts by bringing back in the collective context, the improvements that everyone wants to see there. It will make possible the addition of all the ideas so that the trio, sum of all the ideas, can grow and develop.

For that, the C.I.D.s, the first will fade and orchestrate the team. He will give everyone his note, and compose the piece so that everyone in the team will recognize themselves in the final piece. It will transform oppositions and resistances thanks to its ability to harmonize the area. It will make conflict positive by promoting the emergence of confrontation.

The confrontation sees its origin in the comparison of 2
fronts, of the Latin word confrontation. It allows the fine analysis of the
strengths of each and in the collective intelligence, we will be careful not to
enter the confrontation. That’s why I will talk about positive confrontation.

Positive confrontation is therefore the sum of everyone’s ideas. It’s 2 + 2 =
5. The synergy can then arise from the group’s agreement, striving towards a
common result.

3- Défi as Challenge

Here again, the C.I.D.s in this area, will give everyone the opportunity to put their innovations into action. For that, he will encourage experimentation: he will invite the team to test, evaluate, enrich and thus make the group’s experience unique by the added value it produces.

This added value, adding all the forces present will be the
collective success and the pride of all.

The challenge will federate the group,make it armed and united, ready to defend the common value thus released.

” One for all! All for one “. Les Mousquetaires

4- Sens commun as Common sense

“One for all, all for one” is one of the representations of common sense. The
“sensus communus” is literally the representation of organized knowledge in the life of the group.

Common sense is the art of living together, organizing, and collaborating together.


End of Part 2

Author: Dominique popiolek-Ollé, Transmutation leader, Agile Executive Coach, Founder of In Imago management consulting and disruptive transformation.