Generate a continuous learning environment as a guarantee of efficiency.

Convergence and autonomy

Experiment to allow everyone to express their creativity and authenticity


Support your teams to deliver business value with high added value
Develop a pleasant workspace
Foster innovation and team spirit


Proven expertise in digital transformation and change management to transform the company to the best of its challenges while developing your internal potential.


Generate a continuous learning environment as a guarantee of efficiency. Convergence and autonomy are the result of experimentation where everyone can express their creativity and authenticity

The outsourced Campus

“Live” workshops in business or relocated

Training courses are organized directly in companies or on partner sites

“Virtual” campus iObeya ®

It is a participatory platform that allows the organization of virtual workshops in real time on several sites simultaneously (up to 40 computer stations)

Training course

In the form of short courses (half-day to 2 days) or long courses (modules of 3 days and more).
They are always designed around your business project.

The Trans’Formations courses support your strategic management in taking into account current issues and challenges. They are tailor-made according to your needs and the dynamics you want to put in place.

Ago is to act, to set in motion. Trans’Formations Ago is our personalized approach to supporting companies based on feedback from more than 10 years to take into account the digital revolution. This is the In Imago training offer: Learning by experimenting.

Trans’Formations Ago take up the recurring themes of a business transformation with a view to modifying in a sustainable way the mode of operation and professional practices of an organization in order to do better and differently… and to adapt to an permanent digital context.

In Imago proposes a training offer: Learn by experimenting. Face-to-face or distance training; FOAD- Ago Trans’Formations are training offers that we adapt to your context.

Trans’Formations Ago take up the recurring themes of a business transformation. These are tailor-made training courses, mixed alternating face-to-face, distance learning and individualized coaching.

The courses are adapted to your context and allow you to experiment – remote or face-to-face, e-learning, coaching and mentoring.

The Trans ‘Formations invite you to deploy your customer culture, your strategic management, to enter a living management, to deploy Agile values ​​and to benefit from playful professional support thanks to Game coaching.

What you need to know about Trans’Formations Ago

The courses are tailor-made in order to best integrate your concerns and your context. It is therefore a work of co-construction that we undertake together.

We bring you the Game Coaching environment, you bring us your context, and the topics you want to cover.

Trans’Formation Ago adapts invites you to capitalize on:

  • The desir to invest :  your human resources know to what extent local management is a lever for efficiency and well-being at work.
  • The motivation of managers : they are all delighted to be supported to progress.
  • Team motivation : introducing Agile values ​​and high added value delivery brings meaning to everyone’s contribution

rans Formation Ago invites you to challenge:

  • The geographic distace  in a remote or distributed team, remote management can be learned
  • The heterogeneity of the manager population : managers who have acquired new effective managerial practices versus managers in pain, caught up in operations, who do not have the time to manage.

Our Trans’Formation Ago approach

We offer you a tailor-made support path integrating coaching, game-coaching and theoretical contributions

  • Qualifying needs
  • The proposal of a personalized system to support your managers
  • A tailor-made program from Trans-Formation Ago
  • Individual and collective assessment

Telephone interviews by a coach allow managers to authentically express their difficulties and their support needs and to determine

  • What to develop (stress and time management, conflict management, assertiveness, delegation, speaking in public, team leadership, managerial posture, agile values, customer culture, change management, etc.)?
  • How? ‘Or’ What ? Inter, intra, co-development, coaching, distance, face-to-face training? You choose

At the end of this phase of qualifying needs, they are returned to you with a tailor-made proposal for support.

The keys to the success of Ago Trans’Formation

  • Respect for the choices of managers and teams
  • Trans-Training integrate face-to-face, which makes it possible to anchor learning in the long term. Support and tailor-made training make it possible to deal with field issues at the same time.
  • Distance Coaching: based on the fundamentals of coaching: active listening, reformulation, open questioning, allows a follow-up to be set up between each session

You will find below as an indication the themes that we support in the Ago Trans’Formations

Formation mixte FOAD par In Imago Coaching, Datadock
Trans’Formation Ago, parcours de formation en remote: culture client, management strategique, entreprise résiliente, management vivant…

Program examples  :

Read the articles  Ago Trans Formations;

Discover our training offer, and contact us here

The resources on the blog offer you focuses and reading recommendations for a different approach to management, centered around three main areas: from organizational transformation to individual transformation, and extending to team transformation, with a specific emphasis on the agile transformation of a company.

The tone and approach of this blog aim to lead the reader on an intuitive journey. It’s a voyage into the heart of Agile organizations, evolving through my perspective as a coach.

At times unsettling, occasionally challenging, and sometimes introspective, the articles invite you to take a moment to pause and commit to navigating a course in your pursuit of performance, while preserving the human aspect and respecting everyone involved.

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Objectives of our training

Facing and assimilating the challenges of digital transformation

The training courses are dedicated to the staff and management teams of companies who want to deliver business value with high added value.

Challenges & acquisitions:

  • Bringing out suitable leadership
  • Lead by example
  • Driving an agile and sustainable transformation
  • Start a continuing education program

Reception, follow-up and evaluations

Solutions for businesses of all sizes

Through the simultaneous practice of “Live” group workshops and the management of the educational project on the iObeya®virtual office

We offer a unique immersive experience to participants which aims to re-establish the links between the sensitive world and the digital world.

Continuous improvement is at the heart of our concerns

  • A global and real-time view of the progress of the internship (via iObeya®)
  • Continuous validation of participants’ achievements (case studies & application exercises)
  • Signature of an attendance sheet and issuance of a certificate of completion for each participant
  • Evaluation of training & trainers (evaluation and satisfaction questionnaire)
  • Summary report for the attention of the company